Incorporating Porcelain Slabs in GTA Homes for Beauty and Durability

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Porcelain Slabs GTA

People are beginning to discover the advantages of incorporating porcelain slabs into their GTA home renovation needs. What was once considered a material only used in sinks, toilets, and bathtubs, porcelain countertops, tiles, flooring, and backsplashes are becoming the hot new trend that everyone has to have.

Options for a Durable Home Renovation

Choosing to incorporate natural stone into your home is beneficial for a number of reasons, including durability, style, and quality. Costs for granite, marble, clay and feldspar-based porcelain have come down significantly as technology has advanced, making these options suitable for almost every home and budget.
Granite – One of the strongest stones on earth, granite is an ideal solution for a high-usage room such as the kitchen. As a non-porous stone, granite is excellent at preventing germs and liquids from seeping inside, making clean-up a breeze and ensuring a hygienic environment. Tiny micro crystals contained in the natural stone refract sunlight, making it appear to glimmer in direct sunlight. And with granite appearing naturally in a number of colours and hues, there is something for virtually every taste.
Marble – Marble has long been one of the most popular stones to use in homes and famous works of art. The domes on the breathtaking Taj Mahal are in fact made of marble and have been protecting the building since the 1600’s. While marble can certainly be used in the kitchen, its porous nature makes it more suitable for a bathroom or hallway; in fact, many government and religious buildings use marble on the floor not only for opulence, but also for longevity in places where replacements would be difficult and disruptive. With a protective sealant and the ability to be transformed into a variety of hues, marble has been, and continues to be, a top choice for long-lasting style.
Porcelain – While not a naturally occurring stone, porcelain has definitely begun to prove itself in the market. Comprised primarily of feldspar and clay heated at extremely high temperatures, porcelain slabs in the GTA are actually up to 30% stronger than granite and can be customized to virtually any design. While colouring can be mildly altered with a finish on granite and marble, new technologies allow you to incorporate almost any design directly into the material – such as fish designs on a porcelain sink, or a lovely mosaic on the countertops.

Top Quality from Start to Finish

The best showrooms to visit for porcelain slabs in the GTA are those who not only have a strong personal reputation, but also one for working well with fabricators, installers, and a variety of other behind-the-scenes individuals who are involved in the process. Choose a showroom with knowledgeable staff and glowing recommendations to ensure that the process of incorporating porcelain slabs into your GTA home is both pleasant and beneficial!